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Ikea's New 2015 Fall Line is Chock Full of Gorgeous Goods

Just in time for fall, when people the world over are ringing in seasonal change with purchases they can't necessarily justify, Ikea is debuting a bunch of bangarang new home decor items (chairs! bedding! lighting!). We're probably most excited, though, about the sleek new rugs the company plans to add to its collection. Rugs, you likely know, can run the design-conscious shopper a pretty penny, so any affordable options are very welcome. The more, the merrier, we say. Ikea's three new varieties are made of hand-woven wool, with simple patterns (we hope you like stripes) and relatively muted colors that will probably suit the decor styles of most people. There's plenty more, should you be in the market for "lighting accessories" (clip on accoutrements for lampshades) or Scandinavian textiles. Have a look!

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