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Smart Redesign Turns Hotel Into Compact Student Housing

The floor space is a petite 27 square meters (that's less than 90 square feet), yet it accommodates beds for four students, a study area, kitchen and bath. Campus Hong Kong is a student hostel in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, that's yet another example of steep-rents and high-density reality of cities in China. Hong Kong based firm LYCS Architecture redesigned the lower three levels of a building that was originally a hotel, transforming it into a student hostel for 48. A partition wall in each room was removed and a dining table was inserted instead. Bunk beds sit atop a storage wall with an attached desk, and a curtain helps maintain some amount of privacy. It all adds up to a relatively low-budget project that looks packed, but also fun and vibrant.

LYCS architecture renovates hotel into affordable student housing [Designboom]