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You'd Feel Pretty Bad Eating a Cake That's Also a Priceless Work of Art

That 1.2-acre field that landscape artist Stan Herd planted to look like a Van Gogh painting is pretty great, but do you know what's even better than fields? Cakes. Because you can eat them. (Technically, you can eat the field, too, since Herd planted it with watermelons, cantaloupes, squash, and pumpkins, but that's a whole lot of work—you have to harvest the crops and they don't even go other anyway. Let's just eat cake, okay? Okay.) You probably don't want to eat these cakes, though, because artist Maria A. Aristidou iced them with recreations of classical masterpieces. Or maybe you do, because you're a monster.

Anyway, very cool cakes.

· Classical Paintings Are Beautifully Reproduced On This Artist's Cake Icing Patterns [Dose, via design you trust]