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Here's What We're Going to Eat When We All Live on Mars

When we go live on Mars (we're going and we don't care what any mean New York Times op-ed contributors say about it!) we're not just going to need cool futuristic houses that may or not be the whole reason we want to move there—we'll also need something to eat. And not just space lettuce either. To that end, Gizmodo has a proposal: cyanobacteria. Sounds yummy. What is it?

If eating microbes for lunch sounds slightly weird, keep in mind that cyanobacteria are already a popular food supplement on Earth. Ever heard of Spirulina? The blue-green powder that's all the rage at health food stores and hipster juice bars is a cyanobacteria belonging to the genus Arthrospira ... Pumpkin spice Spirulina bars might be just what our brave Martian colonists need to feel at home. Hm. Let's just look at those houses some more.
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