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Retracing Alexander Hamilton's Historic Steps Through NYC

No show in recent memory has taken Broadway by storm with quite the speed or spirit of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda's game-changing hip-hop musical about the life and death of the titular Founding Father. (The official cast recording is out today.) Alexander Hamilton's story is a classically American one; an immigrant kid who rose from nothing to become one of the most influential figures in Western history, his life reads like the American Dream before America even existed.

It's also a quintessentially New York story: Hamilton forged his life and fortune in a Manhattan that, even in those early days of the nation's history, was the place to be for an ambitious scrapper on the rise. "In New York, you can be a new man," the company sings in Hamilton's opening number. And many of Hamilton's former stomping grounds are places you can still visit today. Here's a brief rundown of the first Secretary of the Treasury's life in and around Gotham, from his arrival to his untimely death at the business end of a dueling pistol.

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