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18 Hotels to Stay at During the Chicago Architecture Biennial

The first ever Chicago Architecture Biennial is just a week away from its big kickoff, but the exposition will continue through the end of the year with events taking place all over Chicago. While many attendees have already figured out their lodging situation for the events of the first week, there's still plenty of time for others to do their research and plan out a trip for the remainder of the autumn months. The Chicago Architecture Biennial will bring architects and designers from all over the world to the Windy City to focus on and discuss its The State of the Art of Architecture theme, and Chicago is certainly a fitting city for such an exposition, as the Windy City's architectural history and legacy has transformed the way architects and developers design and build cities. And for those who want to fully submerse themselves in the Biennial's theme, we've highlighted 18 hotels that offer a unique Chicago-specific experience to its guests. From landmark skyscrapers to new boutique hotels that are high on interior design, these hotels offer something for everyone.

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