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Indian Students Rebuild Quake-Damaged Nepal School With Locally Sourced Materials

"Mero Ghar" literally translates to my house, and that's the fitting name of this new school structure in an earthquake-stricken Nepali town that's serving as a hub for the local community. After the devastating temblor that struck the country in April, a team of Indian architecture students took it upon themselves to volunteer in the area. Mero Ghar is an aid project to rebuild the Sarbodaya Lower Secondary school in the Gorkha district of Nepal. With funding help from Kathmandu-based NGO Rescue Gorkha, and local citizens and students who volunteered, the school was reconstructed as two bamboo structures (the region produces high-quality bamboo appropriate for building) reinforced with steel, with stones sourced from the debris and mud interiors. The team built in a record six weeks, in time to finish before monsoon season, which invariably slows down construction work in the region. While Nepal is slowly rebuilding and recovering with temporary shelters, Mero Ghar is one of the first permanent structures to come up in the countryside.