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Washington, D.C.'s Most Iconic Buildings, As Seen on Film

While there are over 200 films set in Washington, D.C., very rarely are movies ever actually filmed in the nation's capital. More often than not, filmmakers head towards other states for generous givebacks. For example, both of HBO's hit political TV series, House of Cards and Veep are mostly filmed in Maryland. According to DCist, Washington, D.C. hasn't paid a cent in film incentives since 2010. While the city remains empty of camera crews, it's still showcased with lights, camera, and action like The Exorcist and National Treasure. If interested in taking a tour of Washington, D.C.'s most film-worthy locations, check out the below map below of 10 movies that captured the District's good side.

Head on over to Curbed DC for the full map. >>