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Apocalypse Bunkers For Billionaires Sound... Fun

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Vivos, is a (for lack of a better way to put this) luxury survival bunker company According to its Wikipedia page, "In June of 2014, Vivos aborted development of the Atchison, Kansas shelter since the 2012 Mayan-predicted apocalypse did not occur." Tough luck there, but don't worry: Vivos is working on an enormous 250,000-square-foot bunker—nay, complexcarved into a German mountain. "I believe an asteroid will hit somewhere in the Atlantic on September 23rd this year," company founder Robert Vicino told Amuse in an interview published on September 16. "I've heard rumours of it being two and a half miles in diameter." Ooh. Tough luck on that one, too.

Anyway, these bunkers sound ridiculous, with just about every luxury amenity imaginable, including a full staff of servants who—don't worry—probably won't mutiny because it's the apocalypse and money has no value anymore. Vicino explains:

When you marry someone, you always think that person is your soul mate – you're in love and have great sex. You can live and sleep together for years but later down the line, it could be one year later or 30 years later, you realise, "hang on, this person isn't who I thought they were," and divorce. In that situation you've had sex with them – that's the best vetting process. We don't sleep with our members. We don't know what they'll be like. Nature will take its course. Usually in the worst of times, the best of people will come out. Even the wealthy guys will take off their crowns and their gold, roll up their sleeves and fix the toilet if they need to. See? It's gonna be great.
· Seeing Out The Apocalypse in a Billionaire's Bunker [Amuse]