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Muji's Dream Home is Exactly as Minimalist as You'd Expect

UPDATE: Last fall, we wrote about Muji's Vertical House, one of series of three kit residences—the $210K Vertical House; the $160K Window Home; and the $150K Wooden House—from the Japanese purveyor of minimalist home goods. Now, they're available for purchase and the Internet is abuzz. Read on for more about the Vertical House (the most expensive of the crop) or head on over to Muji's website to look at purchase information. Just be prepared to do a little Google translating.

Over in Tokyo, minimalist Japanese retailer Muji has prototyped the "Vertical House," a home designed especially for city dwellers, and it has all the simplistic beauty of the company's bowls and notebooks. Charged with fitting many residential needs into a small plot, Muji took the practical approach of building up rather than out, as the brand has done previously." The result is a three-story home with no internal walls or doors and large, and rectangular windows for bringing in ample sunlight. A "split-level" system addresses efficient flow in the home, placing distinct but connected spaces like a living room and dining room right next to each other. And no doubt, the home retains Muji's signature aesthetic throughout, from the few, natural colors used for furniture to the storage areas decked out in Muji's home goods line.

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