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Real-Life Redwall Castle With Fire-Breathing Dragon Statue Asks $1.5M

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A castle in Maryland inspired by Redwall Abbey from Brian Jacques' Redwall series of children's fantasy novels about a group of anthropomorphic woodland creatures who live in Mossflower Woods and fight off other, evil woodland creatures in between eating gigantic feasts, is on the market for $1.5 million. It also includes a dragon sculpture that breathes actual fire, even though there was never a dragon in Redwall. We're not complaining, though.

The house might be a little on the small side as far as castles go (though it still has six beds and six baths), but keep in mind that the Redwall Abbey in the books was built and occupied mostly by mice, squirrels, moles, hedgehogs, the occasional badger, and sometimes a fox that would later turn out to be evil. So, this one is probably considerably larger.

· 18505 CROSSVIEW ROAD, BOYDS, MD [Estately]