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An Interior Designer Brings the English Countryside to NYC

"There's no challenge in doing something that's 5,000 square feet," says interior designer Kittie Lonsdale, who is the owner of the firm Lifestyle Space Design. "Giving someone a gracious home in a small footprint that functions well—that really makes us tick." That guiding principle even extends to Lonsdale's own home, one of the five penthouses atop the Windsor Tower in Tudor City. The one-bedroom apartment is small in relation to the rest of the building, clocking in at less than 1,000 square feet, but for Lonsdale and her husband David, it's the perfect size. "I'm very happy with my little iconic penthouse," she says with a laugh.

And while they purchased the apartment back in May, Lonsdale spent several months renovating the penthouse—painting a room here, replacing a chandelier there—and only just moved in at the beginning of September. She has yet to fully execute her vision for the space, preferring to instead live in it for a year and get a sense of what bigger renovations need to be done before committing to anything major. "We treated it like I was the client, which was a good thing for my team," Lonsdale explains.

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