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New I-70 Toll Lane Could Be Most Expensive per Mile in Nation

When we last checked in with Curbed Ski readers about the plan to convert a shoulder on I-70 into a toll lane, the response was pretty overwhelming that the quoted top price of $30 was too much for the possible 30 minutes in time saved. The congestion pricing model being used for the eastbound alternative to the terrible weekend ski traffic heading back to Denver means the toll might never reach $30, but if it does for the 13-mile stretch, that would be $2.31 per mile and the priciest such toll in the nation. Officials have reiterated that the toll for the lane, now slated to open in December, will be whatever's needed to keep traffic moving at 45 miles per hour, which might be far cheaper than $30 if you're lucky.

Poll results

About 67 percent of readers who responded to our poll said that the max toll of $30 was too much. There were about 13 percent of you who thought the price could be even higher to bypass some traffic on the section of I-70 near Idaho Springs.

The powers that be are holding a public meeting about the toll price Tuesday in Idaho Springs, sometime after which the board in charge of these things will vote on the final prices.

One piece of new relevant information is that because the toll lane is being carved out of the existing shoulder (nothing's changing with the free lanes), the toll lane can only be used 72 days per year, meaning it's likely to be restricted to weekends and holidays only.

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