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Live in Endless Winter With Your Own Snow Sauna

A Dubai company that makes all kinds of snow, artificial and real, has turned its sights on the residential market with a line of indoor, chilled, snow-producing rooms it's billing as the inverse of a heated sauna. Where in Finland people jump out of a hot sauna to roll in the snow, according to Desert Snow's scenario, people in Dubai should be able to jump from the crushing heat of the Arabian Peninsula into an invigorating snow-filled room. Desert Snow told Dubai's The National that it has installed three snow saunas in hotels and two in privates residences but that the company has interest from a number of other homeowners. Given the area's wealth and penchant for over-the-top, snow-related projects, that sounds about right.

Ben Elliott-Scott, of Desert Snow, described the snow rooms to The National as a "cave" in your house where it snows all the time. The rooms can be between 65 and 130 square feet and chilled down to about zero Fahrenheit.

The prices start at more than $100,000 and increase as space and extras are added, such as a little tree for the snow to collect on. The whole package includes the room, the snow system, training in Desert Snow's branded areasana® method as well as a starter kit with some accessories.

Desert Snow recommends wearing slippers inside the snow room but otherwise dressing as you would in a typical, heated sauna. Of course, you'll also need one of those for the full Finish experience and heath benefits of jumping between the two extremes.

What do you think Curbed Ski readers? Want to skip that upcoming kitchen remodel for a snow sauna? Or you can just check out some of these ski towns this winter.

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