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This Chess Set Under a Huge Light Fixture Is a Triumph of Staging

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"Hey, this place is looking pretty great. But what are we going to do with that lower level with the stone floors? It looks kind of creepy."

"Yeah, I know—especially that one huge industrial-looking light fixture."

"Maybe it's a game room. There is that one arcade game..."

"But games aren't classy. This place has got to be classy. Let's push the arcade game into the corner."

"Oh, what about chess?"

"What about it?"

"It's a game and it's classy."

"Yes! Chess! Why didn't I think of that? We'll get a nice chess set, and put in on an artsy-looking table with two strange chairs on either side—"

"Of course. As if one of those classic two-on-two chess games is about to begin."

"But where do we put the table..."

"How about directly underneath that huge weird light?"

"Wouldn't that make it look like it look like it's arranged for some twisted experiment where human subjects are forced to play chess under stressful conditions?"

"Eh, maybe. Whatever. Let's get a snack."
· Listing: 7010 Lambton Park Rd [Zillow]