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10 Historic Victorian Homes on the Market in Washington

When Washington State was just starting to come into it's own, there were certain architectural styles that came with it. Ornate Victorian mansions were among the initial styles to be built by some of the region's wealthiest landowners and businesspeople (the Yeslers, Dennys, Borens, and Blaines) in Seattle and beyond. After the Great Fire, styles slowly shifted towards Romanesque, Tudor and Foursquare construction. While Washington homes moved on, there's still quite a few of those Victorian beauties left standing and at any given moment, some of them are on the open market. We took a look around to see if we could spot the iconic turrets such as the one atop this (↑) Victorian Queen Anne landmark in Madrona that still inspire us today. In this case, that inspiration will still run you $2.795M.

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