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Turns Out the Right to Not Mow Your Lawn Isn't Protected by the First Amendment

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A federal judge ruled this week that the right to grow weeds in your yard is not protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, ruining the dream of an entity called the Discount Inn (which is not an inn) to avoid paying fines levied against them by the city of Chicago. "Taken to its logical extreme, the plaintiff's defense of the weed would preclude any efforts by local governments to prevent unsightly or dangerous uses of private property. Homeowners would be free to strew garbage on their front lawn, graze sheep there, and broadcast Beethoven's 'Fifth Symphony' 24 hours a day through outdoor loudspeakers — all in the name of the First Amendment," judge Richard Posner, who seems like he had some fun with this one, wrote in his decision. So, file that one away under: Good Tries. Or, at least: Tries.
· Out-of-Control Weeds Aren't Free Speech, Says Judge [Daily Intel]