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Renovated Boston Flat Gets Jazzed Up With Colorful Felt

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Chris Grimley of over,under and his wife Kelly Smith, who runs a felt company called FilzFelt (later acquired by Knoll), put their minds together to renovate their own apartment in Boston and the occupant-designers seemed to know best what their family needs. According to Contemporist, the couple, was able to purchase the apartment under a special program for first-time buyers seeking affordable homes.

The 1,250-square-foot (381 square meters) apartment, in Boston's South End neighborhood, features a black-and-white color palette, bathed in natural light and filled with bright, patterned textural elements. A multi-colored, floating wall made of felt separates the children's bedroom from the living. The makeshift walls not only act as space dividers but provide built-in cabinetry and shelves to store goods and prevent clutter from piling up. The open plan, soft furnishings, push-opened cabinet doors and most importantly the vibrant scheme of interiors, makes this quite a child-friendly home.

An apartment in Boston's South End, is transformed for a family of four, into a light filled space with a playful felt wall [Contemporist]