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In an NYC Lumber Yard, a 'Graffiti Mecca' Lives On

[5Pointz's artists have been working at a Williamsburg lumber yard in the year since its Long Island City location was torn down. All photos by Robert Tutton]

Nearly a year after the masterfully spray-painted walls of 5Pointz were torn down to make room for a pair of luxury high-rises—towers that could, somewhat unbelievably, bear the name of the fallen graffiti mecca—its familiar logo can be seen emblazoned above a Williamsburg lumber yard. From a massive tangle of gray and pink snakes abutting the Newtown Creek to a fiery Easter Island landscape, and of course the labyrinthine-lettered tags, the pieces adorning the outer gates and main building of M. Fine Lumber and Brooklyn Reclaimed, which crafts furniture from recycled wood, are as vivid and impressive as ever. For 5Pointz supporters and fans of street art generally, it's a welcome sight, sort of like an aerosol monument to artistic resilience.

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