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Lovely 1913 Water Tower Now Boasts Bar, Cafe, Climbing Wall

Old water towers have been transformed into some awesome homes around the world and now, in the major Hungarian city of Debrecen, one such structure has also become a rad new local attraction. First spotted by The Spaces, the new spot called Nagyerdei Víztorony just opened up to the public after nine months of renovations led by architects Zoltán Győrffy and Róbert Novák. The 1913-built tower, which still supplies water to a neighboring university, now holds a sleek bar, cafe, shop, and gallery on the ground and basement levels, as well as a stunning observation deck 440 feet above.

The rather elaborate, arch-happy structure, originally designed by architect József Borsos, boasts another bonus feature: a roughly 43-feet high climbing wall now covers the central pillar. Head to The Spaces for more photos.

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