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Postcards Featuring Iconic Wes Anderson Movie Locales Are as Twee as You Would Imagine

Illustrations by <a href="">Mark Dingo Francisco</a>. Photos via <a href="">Designboom</a>.
Illustrations by Mark Dingo Francisco. Photos via Designboom.

If you love the whimsical, color-saturated world of Wes Anderson, and even, perhaps, find yourself wishing you could pay a visit to the Grand Budapest Hotel or the home of the Royal Tenenbaums, this is the postcard set for you. Highlighting the brilliantly rendered sets of the American auteur, this series of 8 postcards were illustrated by designer Mark Dingo Francisco, who also created a complementary collection of custom stamps to accompany the set. Can you guess the Wes Anderson film each postcard portrays? In case you're wondering where you can pick up a set, Francisco writes on his Tumblr that he hopes to set up a store over at Society6 soon.

A selection of the custom stamps Francisco designed.

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