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Unfinished $2.5M Castle in Georgia Looks Battle-Ready

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In most cases, when people build castles for themselves it's easy to see the appeal—the castle allows you to literally live like a king or queen, every conceivable luxury at your fingertips, with the concepts of restraint and good taste thrown out the window (or, out the parapet, since you have a castle). That's in most cases.

Of course, the castles from the times of kings and queens were just palaces of luxury. They were also designed to be able to withstand attacks from invading armies, which seems to be more of what the builders of this castle in Menlo, Georgia were going for. At some point, construction was halted for reasons unknown, and the property was listed a couple weeks ago for $2.5 million. Per the listing, "The castle is at the entrance - ready for completion into a resort, golf club, second home development or medieval castle." Yeah. Definitely one of those. It goes on to boast, "it even has a dungeon."

· Listing: 33300 Highway 157 [Zillow]