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Watch Drone Footage of Santiago Calatrava's New Dallas Bridges

Infrastructure issues may plague many municipalities, but some are still finding ways to fund sprawling new construction projects. In late August, the Margaret McDermott Bridge, a 1,200-foot span across the Trinity River in Dallas, was topped off, marking the latest in a series of Santiago Calatrava-designed arches criss-crossing the city's riverfront. Part of the $800 million Horseshoe Project meant to reshape the riverfront, ease traffic issues and open up the area to pedestrians, the bridges will link up areas on both sides of the river and improve traffic on two highways, I-30 and I-35E. Two videos by capture the size of these massive steel structures, including construction footage of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, built from large steel pieces trucked in from Tampa Bay, Florida, which reaches a height of 328 feet.

Margaret McDermott Bridge via from Texas on Vimeo.

Footage from two months ago shows the unfinished span of the Margaret McDermott Bridge. The structure is being built by workers of American Bridge, a company that built the Houston Astrodome and buildings at Kennedy Space Center

Rain in the Trinity River - Dallas, Texas from Texas on Vimeo.

The previously finished Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas; years before completion, architecture critic David Dillon said the structures "would add poetry and drama to a river that has never sung."

This video by the Dallas Morning News asks construction workers to explain the process of assembling the massive steel beams that make up the bridge.

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