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Absolutely Dreamy Cabin in English Countryside Wants $684K

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Photos via The Modern House

Location: Helston, Cornwall, England
Price: £450,000 (~$684,000)

It's not a midcentury marvel, nor is it a grand manse fit for royalty, but it is terrific looking. Built of solid Douglas Fir, this compact cabin features a planted roof and a quaint, gabled form that ramps up its country charm. Designed and lived in by a director of photography, according to The Modern House, the house is quite the photogenic vacation home. (If there were ever a place for beautifully lit, carefully composed Instagrams, this is it.) Open-plan interiors include a living room, simple kitchen, dining area, and a brightly painted yellow ladder leading to a sleeping loft. A secondary cabin on the 7-acre meadowland parcel accommodates a shower room, outhouse, and wood store.

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