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How Much Should CDOT Charge for Speedy Eastbound I-70 Travel?

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The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has announced that it will turn the eastbound shoulder of I-70 into a toll lane during peak usage times starting mid-December. Designed to reduce congestion, the toll on this 13-mile stretch between Empire and Veterans Memorial Tunnel will float between $3 to $30 — whatever it takes to keep cars moving at 45 mph. CDOT boasts that the new lane and its congestion pricing could shave 30 minutes off a Sunday afternoon return to the Front Range for those who are willing to put up the cash. What do you think, Curbed Ski readers? Would a $30 toll be worth getting back those 30 minutes of your life?

Those who use the E470 toll lane that wraps the east side of Denver are in luck because this new I-70 lane will use the same transponder. Anyone who uses the lane but doesn't get the transponder will pay a higher rate after a photo of the car's license plate is taken.

So will this toll lane be worth it? Or is it too little time savings for too much money?

Poll results

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