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What's the Appeal of 'Man Caves' and 'She Sheds'?

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Once upon a time, a man—or, more likely, a clever marketer—decided that the best way to assert male dominance over a space in his home (which is so often gendered female, but more on that later) was to create a room all his own. And so the "man cave" was born. Now, don't get us wrong. We love personal, dedicated spaces for reading and writing and uninterrupted Netflix watching as much as the next mild introvert. But the proliferation of "man caves" and their "feminine" counterpart, the "she shed," is mystifying and strikes us as unnecessary, and we're here to tell you why.

The first issue is that using gendered language to describe decor is a crutchwe don't need it and we've used this space to argue that before. And does your personal space need to be gendered? In 2015, people of all kinds pursue all kinds of hobbies. As we've said before, the single appeal of the "She Shed" or "Man Cave" seems to be that it can provide a place of respite from your partner's horrible, no-good, very bad interests. When you take the gendered language away, your "hangout nook," (or whatever you'd see your personal space be called) could be a Reading Room, or Knitting Korner, or Football Foxhole—seriously, we'll take anything else.

So, tell us in the comments: What is the enduring appeal of the 'man cave' and the 'she shed'? Is there another sensible name for these contemplative personal spaces?

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