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Registration is Now Open for .Ski Domain Names

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The flood of new top-level domains has finally reached the skiing and snow sports corner of the internet with the opening of registration for ".ski" website addresses. The doors are wide open for ski areas with generic names to nab better URLs, outdoor brands to become more recognizable and average ski bums to have really sweet email addresses. Since registration just opened, there are quite a few choice options still left unclaimed. We took the liberty of checking on a few of them for Curbed Ski readers.

Let's start with the most obvious:

Uh oh. Somebody better nab this quick:

This is probably the next Facebook:

You never know when it might come back:

Way better than a bumper sticker:

And, of course, the rebuttal:

What did we miss? Check here, and leave you best .ski domain ideas in the comments.

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