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London's Subway So Slow, Proposed Movable Walkway System May Be Faster

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Anyone stuck underground in a painfully slow subway train has wondered if they would have gotten to work faster by simply walking instead of suffering through unreliable mass transit. Architects and designers at NBBJ have actually figured out a scheme that makes good on that type of wishful thinking. According to The Spaces, the firm's new plan for London's Circle Line would turn part of the Tube into a travelator, or moving walkway, running at three different speeds. A pedestrian walking at 3 mph on the high-speed track traveling at 15 mph could theoretically beat the 20mph train during the daily commute. Algebra aside, its an intriguing combination of transportation and exercise; imagine how fit you'd get dodging people glued to their smartphones.

· NBBJ wants to turn the Circle Line into a travelator [The Spaces]