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This Pair of Twin Timber Cabins Has No Doors, Chic Interiors

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Photos by <a href="">Jeremy Toth</a> via <a href="">Dezeen</a>.
Photos by Jeremy Toth via Dezeen.

Two charred-timber cabins sit on a grassy hillside above Kaiwaka Harbor sloping down New Zealand's Tasman Sea. Auckland-based firm Cheshire Architects were built in a spirit a bit different than the typical summer home: Rather than build on the upper slope, to take advantage of stellar views from the slope's summit, the architects constructed the pair of houses on the lower slope, so that they are in, rather than apart from, their idyllic setting. As a result, each cabin has an intimate, meditative vibe. It helps that Cheshire crafted unique, zen interiors for each of the sable cabins (which were, according to Dezeen, inspired by the geometric, abstract work of Russian Suprematist painter Kazimir Malevich), so that a different decor experience can be had in each. One cabin features an inky-black interior with brass detailing, and the other is paneled in raw pine. Neither cabin has doors, but fret not! Visitors can hoist themselves through a series of ground-level windows accessed via secret, fold-down stairways. Sounds like an adventure.

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