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Infusing a 1930s Texas Mansion With Modern Swagger

Manhattan-based decorator Bruce Budds, best known for sprucing up many fine homes of late heiress and horticulturist Bunny Mellon, has brought a similar sensibility to updating a 1930s Houston home designed by architect John F. Staub. As Architectural Digest uncovers in its latest issue, though the home takes on a similar material palette as found in Mellon's residences (i.e. a mix of "humble textures" like cotton, linen, raw silk, and woven straw), it stands out with striking contemporary touches.

For one, an Anish Kapoor sculpture features prominently in the living room, an otherwise classical space sporting 18th-century French paneling and a Louis XVI-style chair. There are also striking abstract Caio Fonseca paintings spicing up the entrance hall and sitting room. Head to AD for the full tour.

· Bruce Budd Redecorates Houston Mansion [Arch Digest]