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This $1.6M Santa Cruz Castle Is the Most Castle-y Castle of Them All

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A number of on-the-market castles have come across our radar recently, but this one, located in Santa Cruz, California, might be the most castle-y of them all, with loads of turrets, parapets, battlements, and more. "Unique architecture inside & out," the listing understates. The thing about a place like this, though, is if you're going to go this far with the castle, you kind of can't have any normal furniture. If King Arthur didn't sit in an unholstered chair, you aren't allowed to either. Also, you have to have a suckling pig with an apple in its mouth every night for dinner. Those are just the rules—we didn't make them up.

· 9699 Highway 9, BEN LOMOND, CA [Estately]