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You Can Now Own Furniture Designed By Lenny Kravitz

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If you're looking for the perfect conversation-starting throw pillow (and your tastes run a bit too conservative for the Nicki Minaj-confronting-Taylor Swift throw pillow) Lenny Kravitz has designed a surprisingly staid 20-piece furniture collection with CB2.

"Hey, is it okay, if I move this throw pillow?" your houseguests will ask.

"That was designed by Lenny Kravitz," you'll say, beaming.

"Ha ha," they'll say. "Wait, what? Really?"

"It cost $34.95," you'll explain. "He designed it to look like it's from the '70s. But not like something that Lenny Kravitz would have owned in the '70s. Just, like, a normal pillow from the '70s."


"This rug was also designed by Lenny Kravitz. It's got a zig zag pattern. It costs $799 And so was this coffee table. It's a circle."

"Wow, that's...really something."

· Lenny Kravitz Designed Gold Tables and Shag Rugs for CB2 [Racked]