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Jackson's 49er Inn & Suites Gets a Total Makeover

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In-town lodging in Jackson is seeing a renaissance of late. New hotels are popping up and old ones are going under the knife, with the 49er Inn & Suites being one of the latest classics to be renovated. The task at hand for the multimillion-dollar 49er project was to take a hotel that had gone through five additions and bring it together into one cohesive, attractive, up-to-date lodging property. Local firm Ward + Blake Architects overhauled the exterior look of the building with metal and cedar along with adding a stylish new covered drive for better curb appeal. They also added a new lobby, offices, a breakfast room and, on the second floor, an exercise room, hot tub and pool with views of Snow King. This is in addition to the property's 60 suites and 80 rooms being recently renovated. The 9,619-square-foot expansion and all the work done inside and out gives the 49er a lot of the modern mining town look that's sweeping over ski country.

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