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Massive Landmark Bay Area Mansion Up for Sale for $1.8M

Oakland's landmark Ellen Kenna House is a massive 8,000-square-foot mansion with a wild history: According to the book History of an Old House, its first owner was the widow of a man killed in a Wild West shootout. She built the house in 1888 and used as her architect Augustus Laver, who also built the Pacific Union Club at the top of Nob Hill. The house was purchased three years ago by Steve Kopff, who paid $1 million and then put another $425,000 worth of renovations into the place, according to the San Francisco Business Times. He tells us that he financed the remodel by renting it out for catalogue photoshoots for companies like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. He's now put the mansion back on the market for $1.8 million.

He tells us about the process. >>