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Redecorating Tips From Interior Designer Miles Redd's Revamp of His Childhood Home

If you're looking for a little interiors inspiration for your next project, perhaps this will help. In House Beautiful's February issue—on stands today—New York-based designer Miles Redd shares the process of taking on a daunting task: helping revamp his parents' house in Atlanta. As you'd expect, the first hurdle Redd faced was simply earning his mother's trust. Luckily, he has a decades-long career behind him as a point of reference. The simplicity of the changes made are the real source of inspiration for regular folks: A colleague of Redd's took Redd's parents' existing photographs and rearranged them, clustering them in new ways that made them feel fresh.

To create a greater sense of intimacy in the grand old house, Redd and company swapped larger furniture for slightly smaller options, as in the dining room, where a "behemoth table" was switched for a round one that took up less space. These aren't bank-breaking measures—and changing the way pictures are hung (or where tchotchkes and keepsakes are displayed) works with your existing infrastructure and gives it new life.

For the full story and more tips, head on over to House Beautiful.

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