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Kengo Kuma's Minimalist Toy Blocks are Perfect for Kid Architects

Future architects and city planners have a new source of inspiration thanks to Kengo Kuma. The Japanese architect, recently celebrated for his winning wooden scheme for the forthcoming Tokyo National Stadium, has created a new spin on traditional building toys. Kuma's Tsumiki bricks, fashioned from Forest Stewardship-certified Japanese cedar, retail for $70 and benefit the More Trees conservation group. According to Wired, the "lovely" toys offer a minimalist alternative to traditional building toys.

Kuma's minimalist "blocks," billed as Japanese Legos, are actually triangular toys with notches that allow them to be fastened together. While they're not as flexible as the Danish building blocks, they're much more sustainable (Lego still pumps out billion of oil-based bricks every year).

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