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Colorado Cabin Seeking Taxidermy-Loving Buyer Asks $395K

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Taxidermy has long been a fixture in ski homes around North America. And sometimes all those animal heads are so overwhelming that taxidermy as decor becomes truly terrifying. Then there are houses like this. A 2-bedroom, 2.5-bath log cabin in Creede, Colorado (about 40 minutes from skiing at Wolf Creek) has loads of redeeming qualities: tongue and groove ceilings, a huge outdoor deck, stone fireplace, massive outdoor kitchen, and even a "stylish barrel sauna." (Yup, that's a thing). But both inside and out, this cozy little cabin asking $395,000 has taxidermy everywhere. Hipster-looking heads on the front facade. Check. Skulls on the outdoor fireplace, you bet. And inside it's a mélange of moose, deer, mountain lion, bison, trout, a pair of foxes, and geese over the dining room table. Forget your standard antler chandelier, if your cabin doesn't have a taxidermy deer staring at you above the master bed, it's just not a real ski cabin. Yet somehow, despite the overwhelming amount of animals on the walls and ceiling, this house is still pretty awesome. Maybe it's the innovative shipping container gear storage (how cool is that?) or maybe it's the outdoor fire pit that has us smitten, but for once, we're on board with the taxidermy overload.

· 2275 Middle Creek Road, Creede, CO [Estately]