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Nobody Has Bought the Silence of the Lambs House Yet

The house that was used as serial killer Buffalo Bill's hideout in Silence of the Lambs was listed last August for $300,000 and still has not found a buyer (now it's asking $249,000), and the New York Times has taken note. Is the reason that the Western Pennsylvania house has been languishing on the market the fact that people are creeped out by its fictional history? Or is it that the house doesn't live up to its fake history enough—notably, it does not include the basement dungeon from the famous "It puts the lotion in the basket scene." Or is it the fact that it is remote and overpriced? Here is the Times describing some of the local attractions:

Nearby, there's a creepy-looking tunnel, which some visitors suspect is haunted. There's an old, rusty bridge that crosses the Youghiogheny River and serves as the main access route to the nearby town of Perryopolis. Yeah, probably that last one.
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