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This Huge Gold-Plated Skull Is Actually a Chair, and It Costs Half a Million Dollars

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This 24 carat gold-plated skull-shaped armchair from French design company Harow seems to have surfaced at the perfect time, because this is the type of thing only a recent Powerball winner could buy. And by recent we mean within 24 hours of winning the Powerball jackpot. Even somebody who won $1.4 billion one and a half days ago is probably going to be like, "Well, hm, do I really need an enormous handmade fiberglass skull that is covered in gold that I can sit in? Probably not." So let's just hope that whoever has the winning ticket sees this in time, and has no common sense.

· Harow's gold-plated skull armchair carries a $500k price tag [Dezeen]