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5 Designer-Approved Ways to Keep Your Home Fresh in 2016

Veteran interior designer Jamie Drake, early champion of midcentury modernism and lover of color, and enterprising upstart Caleb Anderson announced in late December that they were joining forces, fashioning a new firm by combining their reputable practices. Curbed spoke to Drake and Anderson last month to hear about this new venture, dubbed Drake + Anderson, the interior design trends they liked in 2015, what they're looking forward to in 2016, and, of course, who they follow on Instagram.

There are some 2015 trends worth keeping around

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While we bemoaned certain 2015 trends here at Curbed, Drake and Anderson both nodded to ones that are worth their salt. Metallic furniture and a general move toward alternative metals were noted by Drake and Anderson. "We've moved from nickel to brass to copper" in the last year, notes Drake. Anderson adds that other non-metal natural materials, like pyrite, which has a brassy sheen, have been all over the design fairs and in a host of showrooms.

It can seem to go without saying, but make sure your personality shines through.

"You want to walk into a room and say, 'who is this person?'" Drake says, laughing.

Travel (if you can)!

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"I'm endlessly inspired by travel," Anderson admits. "Seeing architecture, going to museums," bringing tchotchkes and keepsakes back with you, however inexpensive, will all be beneficial in establishing your tastes. And if you can't, take a look around your city. There are nuggets of inspiration to be found everywhere. "New York in and of itself is a huge inspiration."

Don't rule out antiques.

While they may not be to everyone's taste, Drake predicts we'll see a resurgence of interest (at the very least) in 17th, 18th, and 19th-century continental European furniture. Something's gotta take the place of midcentury modern furniture, after all and it probably won't be Memphis says Drake, when asked. "I think Memphis will always be a bit challenging. It's not only brash; it has sharp elbows," he half-jokes. If an all-one-style interior isn't your jam anyway, you're not alone. "Juxtaposing antiques with contemporary furniture in a way that's fresh" is the way to do antiques, Anderson adds.

As always, Instagram is a great source of inspiration.

If you're looking for design inspo, Instagram is a great first step. We've published several lists of folks we love following, and Drake recommends accounts like @gplusdesign and @collectivedf.

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