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Apparently Ski Videos Without Snow are a Thing Now

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The Kook's 2015 Ski Season from Michael Hibbs on Vimeo.

Each year, dozens of professional and amateur ski videos come out that are worth watching, but they all have one common feature: snow. This makes sense given the wintry nature of the sport, but lately we've noticed an increase in videos with nary a snowflake in sight. On Earth Day last year we watched a gnarly video of California rock skiing and a few weeks later the folks at Happy Socks debuted a video of stuntman Wilfman Adrian snowboarding on clouds. A few months ago the king of unique ski videos, Candide Thovex, made one of the best edits of all time by skiing down snow-free mountains, glades, and jumping into an Audi Quattro. In the video above, called "The Kook's 2015 Ski Season," a skier cruises down urban steps, gets pulled behind cars, and proves that dry ski edits aren't going anywhere anytime soon.