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Swiss Starchitects Create Chic, Geometric Household Designs

Architects well regarded for their contributions to the built environment have been known to dabble in the altogether different art of object design: think Le Corbusier's ubiquitous boxy leather chairs and sofas, or Zaha Hadid's sneakers (and purses, and Grinch-like Christmas tree ornaments, and lounge chairs). Now, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, the Pritzker Prize-winning duo behind the Basel, Switzerland firm Herzog & de Meuron have jumped into the industrial design game, bringing consumers a collection of household objects: lighting, seating, coat hangers, and more, available for purchase on their website.

The collection is rather nice, and not unreasonably priced: The Small Coat Hanger, for example, will set you back just 50 Swiss Francs—about $47 USD at the time of this writing. A stool made of cork (aptly named The Corker and shaped to look like a wine cork) is priced at 690 Swiss Francs (~$683 USD). Full pricing for all the objects in the collectoom isn't available on the HdM site, but we imagine prices are comparable to other high-end design objets.

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