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A Missouri State Rep Is Proposing a Law That Would Make Cyclists Wear Fluorescent Orange Flags

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Missouri State Representative Jay Houghton is proposing an amendment to a bill that would require cyclists to equip their bikes "with a flag clearly visible from the rear and suspended not less than fifteen feet above the roadway when the bicycle is standing upright." But what color would the flag be? you cry. Don't worry—he's got that covered. "The flag shall be fluorescent orange in color," the amendment concludes.

We're conflicted about this, because in addition to it being the worst possible idea, it is also the idea that we most wish would actually happen, because it would just be so funny. Imagine everybody biking around with a 15-foot-tall fluorescent orange flag waving in the air. Imagine a bike falling over and somebody getting hit by a flag on the other side of the street. We just want to live in a world where everybody thought this was actually a good idea.
· A Missouri Politician Wants Cyclists to Ride With 15-Foot-Tall, Fluorescent-Orange Flags [City Lab]