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Explore Rome's Forgotten Brutalist Ruin in 17 Amazing Photos

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This jaw-dropping stack of concrete boxes and beams, interspersed with glass windows and one wild sphere, looks a bit out of this world but it's not. Designed by Italian architect Giuseppe Perugini in the late 1960s and abandoned since the mid-90s, the radical structure called Casa Sperimentale (Experimental House) can be found in Fregene, Italy, a historic coastal town right in the Rome metro area. Though locals know it well, Italian photographer Oliver Astrologo sought to open it up to the world through a stunning new photo series, isolating the structure's dramatic shapes and geometries and creating, in his words, a sense "uniqueness" and "mystery" with a provocative human aspect. According to Astrologo, Italians also call the landmark "La Casa Albero," or, the tree house, an apt moniker for a surprisingly airy Brutalist gem.

Oliver Astrologo [official site]

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