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Tour an Airy Modern House Built to Look Like a Haute Hut

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In Japan, a country known for its incredible population density and scarcity of space, it isn't often that you come across a family home that's, well, spacious. But space, among other things, is exactly what this airy modern house has going for it. Built by Naoi Architecture + Design Office for a family of four in the eastern city of Fujisawa—about an hour south of Tokyo by car—the roughly 1,600-square-foot (149 square metes) residence, the wood-and-steel house is gabled, making it look more like a standard barn (or, as the architects say, a "hut") than the exuberant forms, narrow houses, and wacky schemes found in many Japanese cities.

The goal, say the architects, was to provide an airy, light-filled space that let the clients connect with nature. This means broad glass windows that allow views to the surrounding land and lots of indoor plants. Take a look.

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