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Want to See the Mansion the World's Number One Golfer Just Bought?

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Two questions: 1) Who is the number one ranked golfer in the world right now? 2) Would you like to see where he lives?

The answers are Jordan Spieth and "Sure, I guess?" Spieth became the world's number one golfer last year after finishing second in the 2015 PGA Championship, having already won the U.S. Open. He is known for being very good at golf and very polite. He also just bought this Dallas mansion for $7.15 million. If your reaction to the photos is, "Yes, that does look like a place where a very successful professional golfer would live," then you are correct—Spieth purchased the property from fellow golfer Hunter Mahan.

· Jordan Spieth buys Hunter Mahan's home for $7 million [Golfweek]