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Seattle Will Pay You $10,000 to Live in a Bridge and Write Poetry

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The Seattle Department of Transportation is required to put one percent of its new construction budget toward public art, and one of the ways that is manifesting itself is that the city is going to pay $10,000 for a poet to live part-time in a bridge and write some poetry. The offer doesn't qualify as a traditional residency since the bridge is, according to the deputy director with the Office of Arts & Culture, "not super well-heated. There's no running water. It's a place for them to work. It's a studio space." The poet who gets the job will be expected to produce one original work hopefully reflecting on the city of Seattle.

The city has made no mention of whether or not the Bridge Poet will also be required to make travelers answer rhyming riddles in order to cross the bridge, but he or she will be uniquely well positioned and equipped to do so.
· City of Seattle looks to pay $10,000 for drawbridge wordsmith [Seattle PI]