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Imagine Finding Out You Live Right Where They Hanged the Salem Witches

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Researchers have confirmed the exact location where the hangings that followed the 1692 Salem Witch Trials occurred, which is pretty great for those researchers and kind of a bummer for the people who live in these houses. It's actually a bit of a mixed bag, because on one hand—surprise!—you now live right on top of a historical site, but on the hand, that history is that the town murdered a bunch of women because they weren't friendly enough, and those events were later turned into an allegorical play about McCarthyism. So again, kind of a bummer.

To be fair, the new location is very close to what people already thought the location was—a small park called Gallows Hill. So, probably not a huge shock to anyone in the area.
· Researchers confirm the exact location of the Salem witch hangings [Boston]