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Knockout Modern House Uses Ramp, Not Stairs, to Connect Floors

This modern house in São Paulo, Brazil, a design by the local architecture firm Studio MK27—led by architect Marcio Kogan—clocks in at an eye-popping 14,531 square feet (about 1,350 square meters), but, despite its size, Studio MK27 gave its clients a sensitively scaled, seamlessly connected home. How? With a 25-meter-long (that's 82 feet) ramp that connects the living room on the ground floor with rooms on the second-floor. It's a novel solution that has, in fact, provided the residence's apt name: the Ramp House.

Ramps aren't exactly common ways to get around private dwellings, but here it makes sense: The clients intend to convert the home, which comprises a long, low, boxlike concrete-and-wood volume into a cultural instiution, reports Designboom. In the meantime, the ramp provides quite a stylistic departure from other contemporary residential designs and gives the clients a chance to call their ramp an "architectural promenade." Fancy.

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