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Arrive at Sundance Like an A-Lister With UberChopper

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Uber is bringing its on-demand helicopter service to Sundance this year, shaving what would be a 45 minute drive from the Salt Lake City airport to Park City down to a 15 minute, traffic-free hop. The ridesharing company is partnering with European airplane manufacturer Airbus for the Sundance iteration of UberChopper, which has made appearances in different forms for major events or travel occasions around the world.

Before this week, Uber had offered helicopter rides in Austin, Texas, for the Circuit of the Americas Formula 1 race; from San Diego, California, to Coachella; from Dubai to Abu Dhabi for another Formula 1 race; from New York City to East Hampton for the Fourth of July; at Cannes Film Festival and more.

Anyone arriving in Salt Lake City during Sundance will be able to use the service via Uber's app, and at $200 per person during the day and $300 per person at night, it's a bit more affordable than the $3,000 trips to East Hampton and Coachella. That cost also includes Uber SUV rides to and from the helipad, making the whole trip a breeze for anyone who wants to get a taste of celebrity life on the way to the festival.

For those in Salt Lake City who have slopes rather than screenings in mind, there's still UberSki to get you to resorts — the lift lines at Park City are conspicuously short during the next couple weeks.

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